We are five high-tech experts, including two in the field of respiratory equipment. With more more than 80 years of combined experience, from which 30 years in the development of Intensive Care respirators, we join forces.

We are developing a professional ventilator, focused on ventilation of Coronavirus patients (COVID-19), which can be built quickly and easily and provides relatively high-quality ventilation.

Properties of the design:

  • Good ventilation performance
  • Very robust design
  • No pressurized air needed
  • Good hygienic concept.
  • Small and easy-to-use design
  • Independent supply chain, by  appropriate choice of components.

We develop together with partners from the medical respiratory industry, doctors and suppliers.

The Sunrise-19 prototype, including test lung, mask, tube system and filters.

First prototype (status April 2). The ventilator blower is working.


Apart from IC beds, nurses and doctors, additional respiratory equipment is required. It is expected that the regular manufacturers of respirators are unable to cope with the demand during this time of crisis.

Ventilation equipment for Corona patients requires accurate, pressure-controlled ventilation of the lungs. A patient with a severe form of this typical pneumonia is often ventilated 24 hours a day, for 3 to 4 weeks. In that case, the patient is unconscious and no longer breathes independently. Because the lungs are ill, it is important to ventilate the healthy parts of the lungs properly.

Ventilating with a high pressure is generally bad for the lungs, but for these patients, a high PEEP pressure (Positive End-Expiratory Pressure) is required to keep the alveoli open and to prevent “collapse” (atelectasis). Clenched alveoli are difficult to open again.

With our extensive knowledge in the field of ventilation equipment, we develop and produce a device specifically for this type of ventilation. Several companies in the Netherlands are our production partners.

RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Health and Environment) expects that during the peak of the virus there will be more patients than there is capacity at the ICUs. At the moment, a maximum of 2500 places is available. In order to fill this gap, we need more space, experts and equipment. But there is also a demand for equipment in other EU countries and in countries worldwide. We also focus on that.




We are almost done with our first prototype. This is a minimum viable product where we focus on the operation of the device and the experience of the user.



The Sunrise-19 prototype is expected to be ready within a week, after which the first tests will start. In addition, we will optimize the software.


Scaling up

The 3rd step is to scale up as quickly as possible. We involve the companies in our network, such as injection molders and manufacturing companies. In parallel, we test together with doctors.



The 4th and final phase is optimizing the product and improving it further in order to achieve an optimal total solution.


Eugène Herben, M.Sc.

Initiator and expert development of respiratory equipment

With 18 years of experience in respiratory equipment, Eugène is the high-tech expert in the Netherlands and the brain behind the respiratory technique. He stood at the basis of developing regular respiratory equipment from different manufacturers.

Richard Schaper, B.Sc.

Projectmanager CORE TEAM en director R2R

Richard owns the engineering firm R2R and has been developing mechatronic products and innovations for over 20 years. High-tech consultant. Knows what is possible. Multidisciplinary.

Team: Colin Gijsberts, B.Sc.

Mechanical expert

Colin’s team is involved with the mechanical design. Colin does project management within R2R and is a people person who understands customer demand and translates these demands into high-tech solutions.

Team: Martijn Wolbrink, B.Sc.

Embedded system expert

Martijn’s team is working on the embedded hardware and software. For years, Martijn has been working for R2R on mechatronic products for customers at home and abroad. Our software wizard, always on the front line, state-of-the-art.

Team: Martijn and Bart, 2x


Olga Godschalk

Communication, press; info

Olga is a project manager and strengthens the team on an organizational level, so that the technical process can continue undisturbed. Questions? Email her.

To act quickly, we have a core team of 5 engineers and Olga who directs the external communication. But our team is much larger, with the support team taking care of each discipline. All are passionate people.

Our coworking partners

Manufacturers of  Ventilators


Regiegroep Corona

What do we need now?

We are in consultation with LCH (government) that carries out the purchase of respiratory equipment.

-> We have already started developing, at full throttle, but to continue we need an order from LCH.

-> We are looking for additional production partners who can move quickly (within days).

If you can help us with this or for information please contact:

Contact, info, press & communication:

Olga Godschalk


1st test with prototype and artificial lung. Status after 9 days!

HELLO WORLD TEST: The blower works as expected! This is the pressure source, the heart of pressure-controlled professional ventilation.

Where does the name Sunrise-19 come from?

The sun is the source of all life. It has a corona, its atmosphere or the halo that surrounds it. To give the name Corona a positive characteristic during these times, we named our device after the sunrise. That thought is positive for everyone. The number 19 is to indicate that this device is intended for COVID-19 patients.



Daan Visser, B.Sc.

Mechanical Engineer

Team: Colin

Daan is an engineer with both practical and theoretical knowledge. This allows him to quickly and pragmatically solve problems.

Bart Wijers, B.Sc.

Embedded Software Engineer

Team: Martijn

Bart is an embedded Whizkid. Hardware and software have no secrets for him. Always up to date with the latest developments. Joined R2R from the start. We are proud that he enriches our team again.

Sanne Castro, M.Sc.

Independent Consultant

Sanne is an experienced entrepreneur. He is involved in funding, medical, external and governmental contacts. He supports the core team.

Bennie Elfrink, B.Sc.

Embedded Software Engineer

Team: Colin

Bennie is a very experienced R&D manager and constructor, pragmatic, hands on and creative. A ‘there-is-no-box’ thinker. Richard (R2R) and Bennie have been working together for longer than they can remember.

Strategic advisor

Mark is an accomplished strategic consultant and board member. (including Alliander). He is calm and has an eye for people in his organization. He delegates where possible, is very accessible and focuses on strategy and adjustments where necessary.

Purchasing supervisor

Rob is former director of purchasing at Philips, Alliander and Rijnstate hospital. He supervises the purchase order process from Sunrise-19 with the government.

Frank Jonker

Marketing Specialist

Frank is a co-founder of metMotion video marketing. Frank has energy for three, is a quick thinker and has a clear, sharp view of marketing strategy.

Timo Verhoofstad

Marketing Specialist

Timo is a co-founder of metMotion video marketing. Timo brought this website online within a day. A creative entrepreneur, knows what the customer needs, always on the move.

Bert Wubs

Instrument maker Specialist

Bert has two golden hands with which he delivers craftsmanship. Why ‘tolerances’? Just nominal! In addition, he switches quickly, making him a strategic partner for R2R in a short time.

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